My Story

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I was a victim of domestic violence that nearly turned fatal.

After gaining the strength and self confidence to leave my
abuser I now am able to share my experiences and educate
others on the potential warning signs.

I turned from a

domestic violence victim to

domestic violence

Domestic violence has no age requirement, race, specific gender, sexual orientation, economic status, or educational level. It can happen to anyone.

I’ve created this blog to give advice, share my story, and to help others who may be struggling on their journey through it all. 

When I created Time2Mend in December of 2016 I wanted

  • a safe place for people to relate to
  • to offer people the chance to hear my story (to see what I have been through firsthand and be able to avoid repeating the same mistakes that I have)
  • for people to be able to notice as well as avoid the red flags
  • help people to learn to cope with their past traumas
  • to most importantly help people truly MEND, and heal in order to progress forward in this journey we call life.

Time2Mend Blog is here to help you on your journey towards healing. 

Have you given yourself Time2Mend?

Start your journey to healing!

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