Adapting To Change

Although we may make a “game plan” in our life.

Life has its own plan.

Whether it be this new coronavirus COVID-19, leaving a toxic relationship, changing careers, or even hair colors one of the many, obstacles you face in life is learning to adapt to change.

  • Change occurs whenever and wherever it wants to.
  • Change is both good and not so good at times.
  • Change is challenging.
  • Change is mandatory.
  • Change is a growth.

We can’t take control of certain situations in life, but we can control how we respond and react to them.

Here are a three key ways to adapt to change:

  • Find the pros and cons of your situation.

Every situation has it’s positives and negatives. Regardless of the situation always try and find the positives, even though it can be tricky.

In example: When I left my abuser I was pregnant. This was my first child and first domestic violent relationship. The way I tried to find the positives in such a hectic decision was I decided to focus on the person I wanted to be for my child. By channeling my focus on the positive person I wanted to become I was able to slowly get used to this huge change occurring in my life.

adapting to CHAANGE-3
  • Accepting the situation

You must come to a place of acceptance of this change. Learning acceptance not only helps you adapt to change but also is a great skill to obtain in all aspects of life.

Accepting what you can’t change allows you to truly move forward in the healing process.

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  • Create a new “mini” plan

Just the way you had a plan for what you wanted to do before, create a plan for this new unexpected journey!

Change is inevitable. 

You can take charge and control the path you want with this new change.

Whatever changes are occurring in your life, with these three keys you will glide through the change in a whole new light and adapt to it with ease.

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