Healthy Arguments in a Relationship

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In the Keys to a Healthy Relationship post it is mentioned that a sign you are in a healthy relationship is getting along more than you argue.

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Every relationship will have arguments.

Yet, a healthy relationship will have healthy arguments.

Arguments, in general, are disagreements. Yet there is a difference between healthy and unhealthy arguments.


Healthy arguments in a relationship are usually over disagreements of certain things or values such as how to parent, spend money, or even deciding on where to live or what car to purchase.

Healthy arguments contain an end-result and usually a 
compromise of some sort.

Healthy relationships do not have:

  • belittling
  • name-calling
  • physical violence
  • insulting
  • devaluing

When you are having a healthy argument within your relationship:

Hear each other out

In order to have a healthy argument you must be able to hear each other out. Being able to communicate and listen effectively will help the two of you see each other’s sides of view.

Apologize when needed

If you have done something inconsiderate, wrong, or hurtful in some way shape or form, apologize. Being able to take accountability and apologize truly helps within your relationship but also in building character within yourself.



In every healthy argument there is an end result. In unhealthy arguments there is no ending in sight, it’s a “never ending argument”. Learn to come to a compromise that will cater to both of each other’s needs.

Find a solution

Once you have listened to each other, compromised, you can come to a solution. Healthy arguments have a solution that can prevent further arguments, solve any problems, and come to an agreement that satisfies both needs.


Healthy arguments in a relationship make your relationship stronger.

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