What is “Love”?

Love is respect.

Love is communication.

Love is honesty.

Love is compromise.

Love is trust.

Love is limitless.

Love comes in many different forms.
  • Self-love.
  • Love for your family, your friends, your support system.
  • Love for your hobbies, interests, your craft.
  • Love for nature.
  • Love for your significant other
  • Love for the universe.
  • Love is a connection.
  • Love is a deep feeling from within.

Love can’t be contained nor can it be limited to one simple definition.

Therefore, let’s discuss what love is NOT.


  • Love doesn’t hurt.

Anyone who harms you physically doesn’t love you. No matter how much they may try to justify it someone who loves you (whether that be a spouse, friend, or family member) will never hurt you physically. (Resources to Help)

  • Love isn’t “obsession”

Anyone who is obsessing over you, doesn’t love you.

Obsession isn’t infatuation. 


Someone who is obsessing over you (and every single thing about you/that you do) isn’t  in love with you. Obsessive behavior in a relationship is toxic and will begin to boil over into possessive behavior.. and much worse!

  • Love isn’t coercion.

Manipulation isn’t love. Someone having to coerce you into “love” or “loving them back” isn’t love.

Love isn’t forced it comes naturally.


In life you will fall in love. It may be with one person or many people. The most important love of them all, starts with and can’t be reached without… self love.

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