Self Love

Once you fall in love with yourself, you are able to truly accept love from others.

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Although February, has been seen as the month of “love” it seems to forget about a certain love that you need all year round, self love. Valentine’s Day usually focuses on love in relationships.

In order to even have a healthy relationship, friendship, any kind of -ship

you need SELF LOVE.

Self-love: “love of self” or “regard for one’s own happiness”

We find ourselves putting others first and leaving the love we have for ourselves aside. There is this belief that self love is “selfish”.

Self love isn’t selfish!


When we think of self love we think of spa days, retail therapy, or even splurging on yourself.



Self love comes in many different forms.

Face masks, mani/pedis, massages are all great yet you have to go within.

Dig deep within yourself to truly gain self love.

Self love isn’t materialistic.

Self love is…. well…

  • It's something as simple as looking in the mirror every morning and telling yourself how beautiful you are inside and out.
  • It’s something as simple as taking sixty seconds out of your day to pause, deep breathe, and tell yourself “I love you”.
  • It’s learning to accept your flaws, embrace who you truly are inside, and taking the time to appreciate how far you’ve come in 
  • It’s forgiving yourself for your mistakes, learning from them, and moving passed them.
  • It’s believing in yourself.

In order to heal as an individual you must gain self love.

Benefits of Self Love


  • Self-Appreciation

By accepting who you truly are, you not only acknowledge the weakness or failures in the past, but you also find a way to make peace with them and learn to live in the present. You appreciate yourself for being strong, making mistakes, and truly learning from them.

  • Self-Awareness

By building up self-awareness, you are clear about your strengths, your passion, your purpose. You are accepting of your flaws, mistakes, and able to become self aware as to what can be improved in your life.

  • Stronger Motivation

Having the love for yourself that you need pushes you towards your goals, motivates you to live your life to the fullest.

Cons of Self Love:



So, as the Valentine’s Day holiday chimes in each year, or when you are watching a romance film on Netflix, always remember that in order to feel love, accept love, or give love, you must first learn to love yourself.

Self Love Affirmations Free PDF Printable Download





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