Keys to a Healthy Relationship

So, what is a healthy relationship?

You may think it’s like the fairytales… happiness, laughter, and never-ending joy 24/7.

Well no, it’s not.

Although healthy relationships are filled with happiness and laughter (just not 24/7) they also have rough patches, and slight bumps in the road… yet they are overall healthy.

They consist of key parts that truly build your relationship and keep it healthy, happy, and long lasting.


1. You trust each other

With any healthy relationship, whether that be a relationship, friendship, business relationship, relative, etc. you must have trust. In order to have a healthy relationship you must trust the person you are with and they must trust you. If they are exhibiting signs and behavior that you can’t trust them the relationship definitely isn’t healthy.

Trust is a key part in determining whether a relationship is going to work or not.

2. You have great communication

Alongside with trust is communication.


When you feel comfortable

  • expressing yourself,
  • saying your opinion
  • letting the person know how you feel
  • sharing intimate details about your life
  • venting to the person

then your relationship has great communication in place.

Taking a day out of the week for:




 can truly help improve the communication within your relationship!

3. You get along with each other (more than you argue)

If you find yourself always arguing, always upset at each other, always complaining to each other back and forth, bickering nonstop (especially over the littlest things) then that is a sure sign that the relationship isn’t healthy, happy, and most likely won’t last. Yet, if you find yourself in a few disagreements here and there, a few arguments that you two both can agree to disagree on or come to a compromising solution to, then your relationship is healthy.

Healthy arguments show that the two of you can have a disagreement, talk through it, and find a solution or a compromise that works for the two of you.

4. You compromise

Speaking of compromise!

Compromising is an important part of life in every aspect, relationships, friendships, family situations, finances, everything!

You must compromise in life in order to succeed. Regardless of the situation you may not get what you want the way you wanted to, this is where comprising comes into play. If you or your partner are constantly only wanting things “YOUR way or the highway” the relationship ultimately won’t last and if some how it does, it won’t be a healthy one that’s for sure.

5. You support and encourage each other’s ambitions and passions.

If you and your partner support each other (especially during hard times), encourage one another to pursue their dreams, conquer their fear and explore their passions then your relationship is definitely on the right track. 

A healthy relationship goes hand in hand in having a healthy support system for one another.

6. You both have your own lives outside of the relationship

This is HIGHLY important. If your relationship is your WHOLE LIFE, if you spend 24/7 together, don’t have any other family, friends, support systems, then there’s a problem. Although you are “in a relationship” you have other titles.

You are YOU.

Whoever that may be! And you have other roles in life as well. Whether that be a mother/father, sister/brother, aunt/uncle, teacher, dancer, writer, doctor, coach, cousin, accountant, Netflix binger, dog lover, foodie, Instagram model, etc etc etc! 

Having a life outside of being in a relationship is very important!

7. You respect each other’s boundaries

A healthy relationship can’t exist without respecting each other’s boundaries.

Having boundaries is key in having healthy relationships in your life.

8. You regularly make the effort to show each other you love one another.

Now although the “honeymoon phase” does decrease over time it shouldn’t disappear.

A healthy relationship consistently displays the love they have for one another.

Now I don’t mean materialistically. Showing love for one another doesn’t mean you have to buy a dozen roses every day for your partner yet things such as writing simple sweet notes and leaving them for your partner to discover, remembering their favorite snack and surprising them with it while on a trip to the grocery store, or (in our digital age) sending a simple “I love you” “I appreciate you” “I care about you” text truly makes a difference. This reminds them of the love you to share for one another and shows your relationship is healthy and thriving into the right direction.

9. You are accepting of each other’s pasts

A healthy relationship simply cannot exist if you are constantly arguing, upset at, or criticizing a person’s past.

If you or your partner can’t accept that they may have done someone wrong in the past or that they may have cheated on one of their exes but have learned from their mistakes now then it’s definitely a sign that your relationship isn’t going to be a healthy one.


I mean E-V-E-R-Y-B-O-D-Y HAS A PAST!

Therefore, if you are accepting of each other’s past, see that the person has changed, matured, and move passed their mistakes, the healthier your relationship will be.

10.   You can be YOURSELF

Lastly, you feel comfortable being yourself. One thing about healthy relationships are you feel comfortable in your own skin. You don’t feel like you have to change who you are around your partner. You’re not trying to “fit in”, change your ways to align with theirs, or become someone you’re not in order to please them. You don’t have to try and cover up your flaws, hide your opinions, feel like you are “walking on egg shells” around them.

You feel secure with yourself around your partner. You can be yourself openly, freely, and comfortably!

Download FREE “Keys to Healthy Relationship Checklist” PDF to keep with you as a reminder of what to look for in a healthy relationship!

If you have been in an abusive relationship before and have found that your new relationship definitely has all of these key factors make sure to click the image below of the previous post, “The Healthy Relationship After the Abusive One” and check out “Stronger Than What I’ve Been Through” Digital Print on Etsy!


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