I Brought Time2Mend To Life Through YouTube!



What better way to bring a blog to life than through actual live video footage? I decided to further expand my blog by creating a YouTube channel. The goal of the channel, as well as this blog, serves one purpose:

To spread domestic violence awareness!


When I created Time2Mend way back in December of 2016 I wanted a safe haven for people to relate to, to offer people the chance to read my stories, hear what I have been through and be able to avoid repeating the same mistakes that I have, to be able to notice as well as avoid the red flags, and be able to cope, truly mend, and recover.

When I was going through these toxic abusive relationships I felt so isolated, alone, and never knew much about “domestic violence”. All I knew was what they portrayed within movies. There was no place for me to turn to, to give authentic advice, to give examples of real life situations.

Therefore I continued to excuse his behavior, to deny what I was going through, denying that what I was going through was indeed “domestic violence”.

There was never anyone openly and honestly explaining their situations, explaining their traumatic occurrences, and truly putting it all out there. Many people treat domestic violence as a topic that you throw under the rug, similar to sex, or sexual orientation.

After leaving those situations I realized that I want to be that person who spreads the awareness, who puts everything out there and leaves nothing out so that people can see the real stories within domestic violence.

Domestic abuse has no age limit, no race restriction, no education requirement, it can happen to anyone and everyone. Domestic abuse has many faces, many situations, many traumatic forms: verbal, emotional, sexual, financial, physical, even reproductive. (Which I will create a post about soon!)

I was so nervous in creating a YouTube channel because I am a very “behind the scene” kind of person. I was so hesitant to even create a blog, so a YouTube channel seemed nearly impossible.

I thought to myself,

How am I going to get in front of a camera and explain the things I went through?

Am I just going to pop up like:

“Hey all the ‘relationships’ I’ve been in have been toxic, Yay! Woohoo! Subscribe!” or “Hey have you been slapped before by your “lover”? so have I! Stay tuned for more!”

I didn’t want to seem too enthusiastic, yet I didn’t want to come off as such a Negative Nancy about the topic either. It took me over 12 video takes to even get the introduction ready.

I was so nervous to truly put it all out there on YouTube… YouTube where millions of people search and subscribe to every single day!

I kept telling myself:

“Oh, great now my exes are going to not only read my stories (which they do) but now they are going to see me tell them!”

I started to down myself, to change my mind. I started to doubt the whole idea.

Then I realized


Why should I let fear stop me from spreading a message?

Why should I let fear stop me from helping others?

Why aren’t I showcasing the strength in myself that I am wanting others to have?

How can I tell others to be strong when I’m being weak and trying to “chicken out”?

I decided I am not letting anything stop me within my journey to Mending!

I created Time2Mend Blog on YouTube to share with you all.

The material I plan to add to this channel are:

  • Interviews on various topics such as relationships, dating, domestic violence, recovering, etc.
  • Story times further explaining the blog posts, further explaining my experiences, and giving you a real-life experience through video
  • Q&A’s on popular topics within my life
  • Interviews with those who have experienced domestic violence and their new journey to Mending

I may even attend a few Domestic Violence related seminars and bring the camera along to Vlog the experience!

Remember, never let the past, fear, or negativity stop you from doing anything you want in life.

I never thought I would start a blog about personal things that I went through, and here I am. I never thought in a million years that I would be sharing my experiences with thousands of people, strangers, and yet I did! I overcame my fear and I know that you can too! Whatever you wanted to do in life, know that the time is NOW! You can do it, and you will do great within your journey to mending!

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  1. that’s soo awesome! i know i go to a few youtubers when i feel like there’s no one around. i call them my holograms ^.^ it’ll be a good way for other ladies to know its okay to talk about these things.

    Liked by 1 person

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