Where Have I Been Lately?!?!


I have had literally the craziest turn of events in the past few weeks that I’ve even had to take a step back from blogging. Now of course (since I’m a happy go lucky person) I try to make the best out of every situation because hey I’m alive! So, what has happened? Let me fill you in…



I was forcibly evicted A.K.A. kicked out of my place. No two weeks noticed, no warning, literally told to “pack my sh*t and GET THE F*CK OUT”. Now, if it were just me I’d say “fine, I can live on my friend’s couch until I figure things out” but oh that’s right… I have a TODDLER. So, the whole couch potato thing is just out of the question.


Now it’s one thing to not have a place to stay, which is stressful enough, but to also have the only source of transportation taken from you seems to add on extra stress onto an already stressful situation… Did I mention it’s stressful?


Now this one, is half true. I do have a “job” but it is minimum wage and it’s “part time”. Which basically means part of the time you will be scheduled to work, MOST of the time you will not.
Now, while all of this is taking place let’s not forget I’m a full-time( 19-unit) college student and a single mom to a two-year-old. You might be wondering; how do I remain sane through all of this?
Honestly, I have no clue. I don’t know if it’s the constant “everything will be okay” pep talk I have to recite, or the simple fact that I’m happy to at least be alive and in some what good health… or maybe a combination of both. Whichever it is, it’s working. I haven’t spiraled into a deep dark depression, I haven’t given up on everything and lost hope, I haven’t cussed out those who forcibly evicted me and a toddler with no place to go, I simply kept going.

If you are like me and your life has recently made a 360 turn into Crazy Town, then here are some things that have helped me to get through this short “bump” (more like Mount Everest) in the road.

1. Accept change

This I feel is the hardest, so I must address this first. No, I won’t have the same room back that I decorated to fit my personality. No, I won’t have a nice car (or any car for that matter) for a while to take me to and from. No, I won’t have the luxury of not having to stress over how to afford my next meal again. All of it is gone. Yet, that’s okay! In order to truly keep going in life you must accept change, even when you perceive that change as “bad” “awful” “horrible” *insert another negative adjective that comes to your head* Change, no matter what kind, is good.

2. Keep going

Although my life took this huge turn into the unexpected, life didn’t stop. Bills didn’t stop. School didn’t stop. Day care payments didn’t stop. Assignments didn’t stop. Due dates didn’t stop. Nothing stopped. So, why should I? Therefore, neither should you! Yes, things have changed, yes things are different than they were before, yet that doesn’t mean you must stop. You have to keep moving. I could have just said “I’m done with life” and decided to drop out of college, stop paying my bills and fall into debt, pulled my toddler out of daycare hindering her ability to learn and socialize, quit my job and be broke and completely give up. Yet as you all may know, that will only increase your problems and leave you even far worse than where you started from.

3. Stay focused

With everything that has gone on, I found it extremely hard to focus. It seemed as if I was constantly moving, always doing school work, taking tons of notes from class, completing assignments, yet wasn’t productive? I felt as if I was reading chapter after chapter for class yet wasn’t retaining the material? I realized I needed to focus. Focus plays a key role in conquering anything. I started to take at least three minutes out of the day to do absolutely nothing. No phone. No TV. No laptop. Nothing. Just simply breathing. Take that time to truly focus, think about things that are positive, that make you happy, think about how you are alive, how you will get through this, hell think of French fries and unicorns if that’s what makes you happy!

4. Make a plan

Now with everything going downhill, you’ve hit rock bottom. Great thing about hitting rock bottom is there’s only one way to go… and that’s up! So, make a plan! It doesn’t have to be a ten year, color-coded, alphabetized strategic detailed plan of how you are going to become a trillionaire overnight, solve world hunger, and stop global warming. Yet make a weekly plan, if a week seems too far fetch make a daily plan! Write down an idea of what you plan to accomplish for the day. Brainstorm ideas of how you are going to move forward, whether that be apply for at least five jobs a day, sell some of the things you no longer need to get some cash flowing in, enroll in schooling (if you aren’t already), anything! Little steps are all it takes to start a big journey!

Regardless of the obstacles life throws at you, you can and will get through them.


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