Sexual Assault in Relationships


My Boyfriend Forces Me to Have Sex With Him…

Having sex wasn’t something I wanted to do. I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t sexually turned on. I wasn’t attracted to him.

Yet, of course I couldn’t be attracted to someone who

  • is abusive towards me,
  • who tells me how ugly I am,
  • how I should be lucky to have him,
  • who destroys all the things I love then explains to me how if I wouldn’t have “x y and z’d” that he wouldn’t have done it in the first place.

Many people have asked me, “How did you become pregnant by a person that would hit you?”

The answer is simple: sexual assault.


At first I didn’t think I was being sexually assaulted or raped by him because at the time when I envisioned rape I think of a stranger leading you into an alley and sexually assaulting you on your walk back from the grocery store late at night.


Yes, you can be raped by your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, spouse, best friend,  family member, significant other, a “friend”.


A rapist has no specific title.

Rape can be committed by anyone.

When me and my abuser would have “sex” not once was it ever consensual

Sex without consent is rape.

“Sex” was always when he wanted to. Never when we decided to.

When “we” had “sex”, it was always about his satisfaction, what he wanted, it was never an intimate two-person act. He had even tried to force me to have a threesome, all to fulfill his fantasies. Not one time did he ever consider my feelings, my wants, my sexual desires.

It was all about control. It was as if I was a sex object, not a person.

So, during the times he’d force me I would always be somewhere else, mentally.

Pretending it wasn’t happening, pretending that it was with someone else, maybe a celebrity one night, maybe a man that I created from my imagination the next, just waiting until it was finally all over.

This is not a healthy sex life, this is not how consensual sex is supposed to be.

I repeat

This is not a healthy sex life, this is not how consensual sex is supposed to be.

This is not a healthy sex life, this is not how consensual sex is supposed to be.

This is not a healthy sex life, this is not how consensual sex is supposed to be.

(Okay, now that I’ve made that clear let’s continue)

If someone insists on controlling you to have sex with them, manipulating you to have sex with them, forcing you to have sex with them, it is rape.

Many may believe that just because they are your boyfriend/girlfriend, wife/husband, significant other, that it isn’t considered “rape”.

Anyone can commit rape.

Nowhere is there a contract stating, “being in a relationship means you must have sex with your partner”.

You control your body, you control when (and if) you want to have sex and who you want to have sex with.

The second you decide that you don’t want to have sex, change your mind about having sex, or simply aren’t in the mood for sex and they continue on anyway, that is rape. And rape is never okay!

This isn’t a person who respects your boundaries, this isn’t a person who respects your body, and most importantly this isn’t a person that respects you!


National Sexual Assault Hotline 1-800-656-4673

3 Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network Rape Survivors Resources





  1. I was in a relationship like that with an ex. I got so sick and tired of it. I could never say no. What I mean, I said no a lot, but then I had to deal with him being moody, or upset, or hurt, and him taking things out on me in a mean way because I said no. And I was constantly berated with petting and touch and him trying to change my mind until, I was tired to deal with that and wanted it to be over and gave in. I ended up becoming celibate in the last little while of our relationship. I used that form of spirituality and dedication to say no, and saying that things would not change for a long time. That’s when finally I was strong enough not to give in, and he eventually started to leave me alone and we finally split. At the time I did not know that, that was my escape. I thought I just hated sex. But now I see that I felt that being celibate was my only option to deal with what I was going through, because I loved the person and did not know how to deal with it. But it worked for me, and he got that that was the new me. And that’s what matters.

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    • That is truly amazing! Thank you very much for sharing your story. I must congratulate you for your strength, bravery, and standing your ground. I’m glad you found something that worked for you and in turn made that (toxic) person leave. His true identity started to show once you stood your ground and created boundaries for yourself and your body. It is also great that you used your experience to self analyze the situation and realize that it wasn’t sex that you disliked yet, it was the person’s actions who weren’t treating you with the respect that you deserve. You deserve someone much better who will love, nurture, and respect your mind as well as your body. So glad to hear from you!

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