My Ex Tried to Blackmail Me with My Sex Tape


Maybe I should start my own “Keeping Up with the”… never mind! Yes, that image is me, and the title is in fact true, my ex tried to blackmail me with my sex tape!!

STORY TIME! Just recently I received a Direct Message Request on Instagram from my ex. The second abusive relationship offender, that I found myself trapped with after my first abusive relationship. Now normally when faced with this sort of situation I just deny the request and block immediately! Yet, there was a photo and video attached? Instagram blurred the images attached to the message, so in order to see the photo I had to approve it.

It’s me! Naked!

Along with the photo is a long threatening paragraph, calling me derogatory names, “You’re such a hoe” “Look how much of a slut you are” “I can’t believe you dumped me, b*tch!” “You ugly piece of..”  Anywho, underneath the paragraph was also a “short film” of mine (if you catch my drift). Ending his long rant was what really made my jaw drop:

“I can’t wait to show everyone how much of a slut you are.”

Now, I’m a very open individual (in more ways than one *wink wink*) so the thought of him “exposing” me wasn’t very alerting. I thought to myself, I’m an adult. I’m a woman, a very strong woman at that. There’s nothing he can say or do to me anymore to make me feel “fear” or “scared”. I knew this was just another one of his manipulative tactics. A plea for attention as well as a way to feel some sort of “control” over me. He thought by threatening to “expose” me that it would make me feel ashamed of myself, make me feel discouraged, make me beg for him not to do it. Yet, it didn’t.

Ironically it did the exact opposite? It actually made me feel happy? Liberated even.

Happy that I wasn’t in a relationship with someone like that anymore, someone willing to “expose” a woman who dumped him (almost a whole year ago) just to be malicious and hurt me.

Liberated and empowered because even after reading his disrespectful threatening rant, I didn’t let it “get to me”. I’m even sitting here typing this for the world to see.

Now if you are like me and have sent anything sexual, recorded anything sexual about yourself or engaging in acts with others and someone is threatening to “expose you” here’s what I told myself.

Don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed.

Sex is everywhere. Sex is literally what makes the world go round! (as well as the gravitational pull and all that physics junk but mostly sex!) If it weren’t for sex, I wouldn’t be typing this nor would you be reading it, we wouldn’t even be alive. A person “exposing” someone’s personal business (or threatening to) is not only immature, but literally nothing but a weak minded, manipulative individual who needs professional help and people who are smart will see that. You are a human being, being sexual is nothing to be ashamed of. Don’t feel “exposed”. Although building confidence in yourself takes time, it’s in fact possible.

Always know that when you are a confident individual there is nothing someone can show, do, or say about you that makes you feel any less about yourself!


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