Why I Will NEVER Have Sex In A Car Again!


Don’t get me wrong having sex in a car every once in a while, can be spontaneous, kinky, and even exciting! The thrill of being in public, the fear of being caught, and the adrenaline of the moment.

If you’re about to have sex with someone that you just met at the club, a party, hell even the library (you never know) then I can see where sex in a car may be the only available option for the moment.

But, if this person is someone you’ve known for a while, built some sort of bond or connection with, someone you are in a “serious relationship” with, even goes to the lengths of saying they like you more than a friend or even deeper and they “love you” and all they want to do is have sex in a random dark secluded location in a car at the late wee hours of the night. Then Houston, we have problem.

This is where you might want to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Is this person only hitting you up at late hours of the night?

Does every time you hear from them you’re about two seconds from falling asleep? Do they only want to see you in the night time? If this person is claiming they want to “be with you” and especially saying they care about you and all they want to do is talk to you at night?

Either they are allergic to sunlight, or they just want to get into your pants.

  • Are you having sex in this person’s car because they don’t have a place of their own?

Okay don’t get me wrong, times are tough! Some people may be rooming with a friend or even living with their parents. Yet if this person is consistently only wanting sex in a car it can make you start to wonder why? Why not get a hotel for the night? Why not introduce me to their roommates? Or even their parents? We are in a “relationship” right? This leads me to the most important question…

  • Does this person have a place of their own yet insist that you only have sex in a car?

If so, something is definitely off! This person may have a relationship and is keeping you on the hush-hush or this person may be “just not that into you”and only want to see you for some quick late night action with no strings attached [although they may be painting a romantic façade to make it seem otherwise].

Coming from experience I used to make up every excuse in the book for guys who wanted to only have sex with me in a car yet insisted that they “liked” and “cared” about me. Being young and naive, I would believe in the “charm”, I’d be convinced that they truly did want to be with me… as long as the backseat is involved.

“Oh, maybe he’s too shy to introduce me to his roommates and friends”

“Maybe he doesn’t want me to meet his parents right now”

Even though those things could have been true, most of the time they weren’t!

If a woman or man truly cared for you (the way they repeat it over and over when it’s time to persuade you to have sex with them) then they would go the extra mile (no pun intended) for you! If you have voiced your opinion about changing up the “ol’ Automobile Sex Life” and they still won’t budge, then it’s time to kick them (and the car) to the curb! After many backseat brigades, I started to notice a pattern! A lot of them would say lots of sweet things, yet their actions showed otherwise. Would a person who truly cares about you only want to get wild in the backseat of their car at midnight on a dark and scary road? Yeah, I doubt it!

If you are looking for more than just a quick fling and you truly want a relationship with someone, doing the backseat boogie just won’t cut it!


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