How To Become Depressed



No, there’s no typo.

I didn’t leave out “not” in the title, you read correctly. Today I will be discussing how to become depressed, not just in your early twenties but also thirties, forties, fifties… pretty much your entire life!

  • Isolate yourself



“Hey you want to hang out?” No, I’m good.

“Did you want to catch a movie with us sometime?” Oh no, thanks anyway.

Having no social interactions during the beginning stages of your adulthood is a for sure way to purchase a ticket on the Depression Express.

Now I’m not saying you need to have hundreds of friends, yet just interacting with even a small group of friends every so often makes a huge impact on your mental wellbeing and development.

Being in an abusive relationship, where I wasn’t allowed to have friends, hang out with friends, talk/text/call friends, (or even make up an imaginary friend) really took a toll on me.

I truly was alone, isolated from society, with no social life.

Being isolated will not only make you feel depressed but will also make it even more difficult to overcome depression when going through it alone. So, go out there, make friends, interact, get involved!

  • Surround yourself with negative people


 Have you ever had a person walk into a room and the whole mood changes? The person walks in with a frown, slams the door angrily, or their facial expression reads “I hate everything”. If you have and want to become depressed, fill your entire social circle with people just like that! Having nothing but “Negative Nancys”, “Debbie Downers”, and “Pessimistic Patricks” in your immediate social circle is definitely the way to go if you are wanting to be unhappy!

Misery loves company.

To avoid those toxic negative people in your life, surround yourself with positive people, people who are confident, who want to see you thrive, who want to see you succeed, who are happy. When doing so their positive energy will start to affect you (in a positive way of course!)

  • Stress, and stress often


If you truly want to be depressed, stress. Stress over everything. From dropping your pencil on the floor to losing your car keys. Stress because the sun came up, stress because the sun went down. Stress because it’s hot. Stress because it is cold. Put yourself in stressful situations.

Being in a physically abusive relationship I was stressed 99.9% of the time being worried, afraid, and anxious. Although you may be tired of reading stress over and over, hearing about stress, or even being stressed, stress itself is inevitable.

Stress is a natural reaction in our bodies. Yet, the way you view stress can make a huge impact.

When something happens in life, the way you perceive it is key to overall happiness.

If you view the stress, realize it is either something you can overcome or something that can’t be changed (which is okay too!), then your life ironically will be a lot less “stressful”. Life is far too short to be stressed or to put yourself into stressful situations. Take time to relax, take a slow deep breath, and realize stress is not only normal but natural! Just know that with “time2mend” everything will be okay!



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